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Sample Job Description

Sample Job Description

A job description gives an employee an overhead into what is required of him by the company. It lists the duties and responsibilities for an employee and guides him into what the company expects of him. This is also provides a basis for the employer to go back on the job description when evaluating the employee.

Here is a sample of a job description

Marketing Job Description

Marketing profile and job description

A marketing executive's job involves planning on strategies for marketing that involve advertising, distribution, researching, PR (Public Relations), distributions and promotions among others.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Developing marketing plans and evaluating marketing strategies
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction through effective marketing
  • Liaising with the company designers to produce an appealing package to the target market
  • Developing new marketing strategies in liaison with the innovations department to match the market demands
  • Manages product distribution from contracts signed with distributors and vendors
  • Establishing new markets and ensuring their growth and sustenance
  • Creating networks for distribution and overseeing the distribution strategies
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the marketing plan and making necessary changes
  • Initiating the production of marketing materials such as flyers, leaflets and posters
  • Interacting with the media in a bid to build and maintain contacts

Skills and specifications

Be a strategic planner and executor
Excellent verbal and written interpersonal and communication skills
Result oriented

Education and qualifications

A degree in Marketing


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