Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to create a Job Description

Job Description gives a brief outline regarding a specific role in an organization. It gives an overview of the responsibilities that the candidate would be expected to take up. An effective job description is a tool to attract potential candidates. Every organization should have job descriptions for all levels. Creating job descriptions at every level may be a little tedious, but extremely helpful. The job description clearly defines the employers’ expectations from the candidates applying for the job.

A job Description should include the following:

  • Give a laconic description of the department/division along with goals of the organization.
  • Mention the performance objectives of the role and the location of the job.
  • Implement the SMART ePerformance Objectives (mentioned in the book – ‘Hire with Your Head’ by Lou Adler) He has described the SMARTe Performance Objectives as Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Results defined, Time based, environment. This method gives a new look to the job description and makes it more interesting. The whole idea is to not to publish the duties as is but to present them in a way that appeals the reader urges them to join the organization.
  • Give a brief organizational chart which clearly describes the reporting line associated with this role.
  • List-out the essential and desired requirements to perform the role.
  • Highlight the Remuneration/bonus structures and mention the growth strategy in the organization. This would certainly motivate the job seeker.

After creating the job description, proof read and get it reviewed by the higher authorities and amend accordingly. Review and update the job description at least once a year. With the growth and development in the organization, the requirements may change a little.

Job descriptions