Saturday, January 2, 2010

Air Force Job Description

Air Force Job profile and description

The air force is part of the public service and a branch in the military and usually has employment opportunities for people in different career fields. Normally, the air force will enlist available positions for prospective employees to apply. There are two ways people can pursue careers; one is by applying for a guaranteed job, in this case the prospective employee has a defined job with the enlistment contract. The second way is when the applicant applies for a job within a particular aptitude area but will not learn of the specifics until they are done with basic training.

Jobs in the air force are in different fields such as medicine, management, engineering, and aviation but are divided in general categories.

Duties and responsibilities

These will depend on the career path that one chooses to follow. The air force as mentioned above has several departments and each comes with unique duties and responsibilities.

Skills and specifications

  • High level of discipline is vital to be able to work in the military
  • Must be a team player because the military is all about working together for the common good
  • Leadership qualities is an added advantage

Education and qualifications

A minimum high school education is necessary though for some of the technical positions a degree in the field is a requirement.

Sample job descriptions

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