Saturday, January 2, 2010

IT Job Description

IT Job profile and description

Information technology has caused a revolution around the globe and everyone wants to discover what is new in the field. Knowledge and expertise in IT is very important today. Consequently, careers in this field have become very marketable. These careers include software engineers, programmers, computer engineers and computer scientists.

Sample IT Job Descriptions

Duties and responsibilities

  • Designing software applications that make work easier for companies
  • Creation and maintenance of websites
  • Improving software applications to make them work efficiently
  • Managing IT departments in companies
  • Repairing computers and their accessories
  • Inventing new technology
  • Management of data in companies

Skills and specifications

  • Must be creative especially when designing new programs or websites for companies
  • Must be a willing learner because this field is advancing daily and new things are coming up
  • Must be analytical
  • Must be flexible because of the many changes that take place in this field.
  • Must have the ability to work with minimal supervision

Education and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering is the minimum qualification required in this career.
  • This field is very dynamic and competitive and many people in this field hold post graduate degrees.

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