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CEO Job Description

CEO Job Profile and Description

A chief executive officer is a professional who has the duty of implementing an organizations strategic objectives and goals. He works with the board to see to it that it the organization is steered in the right direction with the sole objective of achieving it is laid down goals, missions, philosophies, strategies and objectives.

Sample CEO Job description

Duties and responsibilities

  • Setting the strategies and visions for the organization in liaison with the senior management
  • Advising the board on administration and operations of the organization
  • Enhances the overall service delivery of the organization through excellent programming and productivity
  • Overseeing all the sales and marketing strategies that include designing, promotion and delivery
  • Developing practical strategies that will enhance the achievements of the organizations set goals and objectives
  • Overseeing the growth and profitability of the organization
  • Generation of revenue through proper planning, development and implementation of strategies
  • Approving the organizations policies, operational procedures and standards
  • Providing excellent public relations for the organization to the outside world
  • Creating the organizations culture

Skills and specifications

  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Be a sound decision maker
  • Be a good manager
  • Be a great planner and executor
  • Excellent verbal and written interpersonal and communication skills

Education and qualifications

A first degree in a Business related field

A master's degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting

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