Thursday, September 8, 2011

Job Description Business Systems Analyst

Basically, the job description of a business systems analyst is the understanding and study of business systems. He has to communicate with personnel at different levels to comprehend the logical specifications regarding both the hardware and the software used in the system. This enables him to obtain a solution to the problem regarding the business.

The business systems analyst conducts necessary research in order to enable him to create business application systems. Efficiently executed, it would serve to solve the business requirement of the organization.

The above job description is only an outline. He has not only to attend to problems and plan its solution, but also decide on the software required while simultaneously coordinating with the authorities in ensuring that the obtained solution matches the business standards required. Business systems analysts have to put forth their client’s requirement into technical specifications and also act as a bridge between the IT professionals and vendors for both the software and hardware. A business systems analyst must, therefore, be conversant with various programming languages, operating systems and hardware programs.

Job descriptions of a business systems analyst vary since the whole job cannot be executed by one person only and it becomes essential to recruit personnel specializing in the various fields of business system analysis.

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